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Ev Eric
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I grew up a skinny guy all through my teens. I used to be able to eat whatever, whenever, and never see a pound gained. Maybe I had a high metabolism, maybe it was something else, but I never thought that I would have to start paying attention to health, fitness, and nutrition.

My skinniness probably came from both sides of the family, but it turns out, I take after my dad. He was always skinny until he got to around 30, then started to pack it on. It hit me around the age of 35, and I slowly but surely started to notice a bit of fat around the midsection as I sat at my computer day after day and continued to eat whatever I wanted.

Then I went to the doctor for a well-male exam. Result? High cholesterol and high risk of congestive heart disease. Wow! I got back into the martial arts, but it still wasn't enough.

Then came P90X. I had heard about it, seen the infomercials, and swore I'd never do one of those infomercial home-fitness programs. A new one that says it's the best thing ever comes out every 6 months and it gone just as quickly. But then, over the years, I start hearing more and more about it. A friend of mine said he was going to start on it.

What fitness program is still #1 after 7 YEARS!!? Perhaps there was something to this.

Yes. There. Is.

After one round of P90X, the fat was coming off, the muscles (which I never had before) were growing and showing. I could start to see my abs for the first time ever, and best of all? Cholesterol, normal thanks to the nutrition guide.

Since then, I've done P90X+, Insanity, Hybrid, and P90X2.


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