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Operation: Conquer! Your Oklahoma City P90X® Destination!

P90X Live classes at the Norman 10Gym 7pm Monday & Wednesday and alt. Saturdays at 10am!

P90X for Women Frequently Asked Questions

Can women do P90X?

Certainly! As a matter of fact, according to sales of P90X, more women purchase the DVDs than men. Coach Miriam has completed rounds of P90X and P90X2 to get results that she is very pleased with.

Will P90X make me have "Man Arms"?

Not unless you are taking testosterone supplements... and a lot of them. Lifting weights, contrary to popular belief is just as beneficial to women as it is to men. You will still maintain your feminine form, but you will gain strength on top of that. And who doesn't want ot be stronger?

What if I can't do a single pull-up?

Don't worry about it. Most women can't do that right off the bat. In P90X there are modified ways of doing pull-ups that will strengthen the arm and back muscles necessary to do them. As time goes on, as you push yourself to the extreme with the modified versions, you will eventually see yourself doing one, two... eight or even more pull-ups! That way, if you ever fall off a cliff and are hanging for dear life like in a movie, you will be able to pull yourself to safety! Wink

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