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Operation: Conquer! Your Oklahoma City P90X® Destination!

P90X Live classes at the Norman 10Gym 7pm Monday & Wednesday and alt. Saturdays at 10am!

P90X for Men Frequently Asked Questions

Will P90X make me look like Hugh Jackman?

Maybe, maybe not. There are several factors involved:

  1. Your body type
    You may have the type of body that will put on muscle like that quite easily, or you may have what some refer to as a "runner's frame", which tends to build leaner muscle.
  2. How hard you work
    In the informercials you'll see statements like "results vary" or even "results not typical". The reason for this is that many people simply don't put in the hard work to do the extra reps or the heavier weights to get the most out of the program. If you are focused, determined, and willing to finish the program no matter what, then you will see the results like those in the commercials
  3. How well you eat
    P90X is not just about workouts. There's a nutrition component that is just as important to follow as is the exercise program. Great exercise is nothing without a great diet as well. P90X comes with a nutrition guide that tells you exactly how you need to eat in order to get the optimum results

The people who get the most out of P90X go FULL FORCE. They do ALL of the workouts and follow the schedule. They give 100% of their effort when doing the workouts. The follow the nutrition guide without slipping up.

In the results videos, I don't see guys with big chest muscles

You're right, you don't. P90X was built for the home workout group, and it is far easier for most people to purchase dumbbells and a pullup bar or resistance bands that it is for people to buy an expensive bench, bar, and plates for bench presses. If you have a bench and the equipment, you can supplement the P90X chest workouts with some bench presses, but please follow all safety precautions and be sure to have a buddy to spot you.

Do I HAVE to do the Yoga?

Yes, quit complaining! Cool

Yoga is an essential part of the P90X program. P90X Yoga is not about becoming one with anything, it's about working muscle. Muscles are layered on top of one another and Yoga directly works the stabilizer muscles that keep you balanced and youthful as you age. If you skip the Yoga, then you haven't done P90X.

You'll know that you need to work on it, because once you try it, you'll probably realize that it's hard and you can't hold the poses, and that means you need it. Your muscles don't yet have what it takes to handle the real strain your body goes through daily.

So get over your objections and do your Yoga! This is P90X Yoga.

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