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Operation: Conquer! Your Oklahoma City P90X® Destination!

P90X Live classes at the Norman 10Gym 7pm Monday & Wednesday and alt. Saturdays at 10am!

P90X Frequently Asked Questions

What does "P90X" stand for?

P90X stands for "Power 90 Extreme" and is the follow-up workout program to Tony Horton's Power 90. Power 90 is a program for people begining their fitness journey, whereas P90X was created to target people who are already at some higher level of fitness.

This does not mean that a beginner cannot do P90X, and several people have done so, but generally it is recommended that you first do a program like Power 90 or Turbo Jam to get your fitness life started.

How does P90X Work?

P90X relies on Muscle Confusion to constantly keep your body adapting to new workouts so that you don't get stuck (plateau) doing the same thing all the time.

Is P90X Hard?

The "X" in P90X stands for "Exteme", so yes, this is an advanced workout program designed to test your limits to make you stronger, leaner, and faster in 90 days.

Why is there so much HYPE? Why so many Infomercials?

First things first... P90X was released in 2004. Yes, it's been around that long. You don't find too many programs that will last as long as P90X has, much less remain the top selling home workout program for so many years running. The reason there's so much hype and the reason there are SO many infomercials is because the program works. It does what it says: it helps people get ripped in 90 days. It helps people get into the best shape of their lives. Over 4 Million people have purchased P90X to help them succeed with their health and fitness.

If I attend your class, do I also have to buy the DVDs?

No. Taking the P90X class from me will get you the same workouts as are done in the DVD and the same nutrition information. While it could be helpful to purchase the P90X program in addition to attending a class, it is not necessary for your success with the program.

Working in the class, you also get the added benefit of a coach being right there with you helping you get the most out of the workouts by helping you maintain proper form and even motivating you to do more than you thought you could.

How do I know if I'm ready for P90X

P90X is an intense program, but it's also flexible, so people can start at different levels and work their way up. If you're pretty fit and are ready to put in the effort, you can probably do P90X.

If you haven't worked out in a while or aren't sure you're ready, we recommend you take the P90X Fit Test. (Of course, you should consult your doctor and read all safety instructions before beginning any fitness program.)

Do I need to bring anything to class?

Yes, bring the following items to each class:

  1. Water bottle full of water
  2. Towel, because you're going to sweat... a lot!
  3. A folder or small binder. You will be given worksheets on which you will record your progress. Having them in a folder or binder will just make things easier
  4. A pen
Optional items:
  1. Weightlifting gloves. No special kind is required, just something that will help prevent the formation of calouses on your hands.
  2. MMA or Kickboxing gloves: On the kickboxing workouts, it can be a lot of fun to wear these to get into the spirit of things. You may also want to get weighted gloves and/or shin pads.
    !!!Please DO NOT use ankle weights for kickboxing!!!. They can cause knee problems when you kick.
  3. Chin up Max: if you cannot currently do pull ups, this apparatus is the best way to help you modify the pull-up exercises. We will provide a chair to assist you in pullups, but using a chair is not as effective, because people tend to use their legs to lift themselves up removing the resistance from the arm and back muscles.
    You can get a Chin up max from Team Beachbody.

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