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P90X Live Round 20 Overview | P90X Live!

By Ev Eric

P90X Live Round 20 OverviewP90X Round 20 is the best all-around total body workout to date in the series. This will challenge you! You’d better be ready to Bring It! The screen grabs pictured here don’t tell the full story since my heart rate monitor cut out near the end of Cardio X so it only captured 40 minutes of the 55 minute workout session. I estimate that my total calorie burn would easily have been in the 700s.

These numbers represent me tackling this working after a 10-day stay in the hospital where I gained 8 pounds on Hospital food and not working out. I modified many moves and even took a few extra breaks. I may give this another go in a few weeks. Also, I used 20lb dumbbells on most of the exercises and used 15lb dumbbells on the shoulder exercises. (click images for a larger view)

The Tabata-style Cardio X reminds me of the kind of intense circuit training you might find in Insanity with its bursts of power and plyometric moves with 10 second breaks. Lower Strength works a good balance of power and plyo moves targeting various leg muscles through different styles of squats and lunges. Upper Strength works 2 different sets of back muscles, 2 shoulder exercises, 3 different types of curls for maximum bicep and forearm treatment, as well as 2 different pushups to max out the chest and triceps. X Core finds us in the familiar Dynamic/Isometric pattern pinpointing different areas of the abdominal region.

P90X Live Round 20 Heart RateGet ready for a serious burn! Bring your water and a towel and I’ll see you at 10Gym in Norman, OK at 7pm starting Monday April 18!

P90X Live Round 20 Intensity

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