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Why Aren't You Doing Pull-Ups?! | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

One of these days, it's bound to happen... you fall over the edge of a cliff. Or, you've just wrestled with someone over The One Ring, and now you're stuck hanging over lava! Or, you're running along a bridge that is being blown up behind you and you end up hanging on the last boards. These are daily occurrences, and I've seen things like this in many movies, so I know they can happen to YOU or to ME at ANY TIME whether or not you have a cliff, bridge, or a Mt. Doom in your neighborhood.

STOP! RIGHT! THERE! I hear you saying "But I can't DO a pull up!!!" So? that doesn't mean you'll never have to!

1. Start With A Chair
Once you've installed your pull up bar in your house (you did get it out of the box, right?), you can use a chair to be your Gateway to Greatness! (echo, cho, ho, o...). If your pull-up bar is across a doorway, put the chair, with it's back facing you. in front of you. Get into pull-up position, and put your foot on the back of the chair. Now, wait, wait WAIT, no, not like that... don't put the bottom of your foot on the chair with your knee bent, because you're going to cheat, I know you are. Put the BACK of your foot on the chair so that your leg is straight. What this does is prevents you from using you leg muscles to push you up above the bar. If you still can't get yourself to do a pull up, then go ahead and put your foot on the chair like I told you not too, but don't use your legs to push you up!Keep the other leg down, in case you fall, but remember, there's a 10 storey drop on the cliff, so pretend the floor is lava like when you were a kid.

What's happening here? YOU ARE BUILDING BACK MUSCLES! The point of these Chair Assisted Pull-ups is to get your back/upper body ready to pull your full body weight eventually. This will take some time, but stick to it, and IMPROVE>

2. Pull Up Assist
If you like spending money on fitness gadgets, there's a little tool called the Pull-up Assist. It's a set of 3 bands connected to a strap at one end, and a foot stirrup  at the other. You hook the strap over your pull-up bar, then put your foot in the stirrup. These are also a good way to assist you in pull ups, because they don't allow you to use the force from your legs to cheat yourself up. And there'll be NO CHEATING when the sinkhole under your house finally gives way!

I can do ONE Pull-Up!! Is that good?
It only takes ONE pull up to save your life in any of the myriad of harrowing circumstances you may find yourself in. BUT DON'T STOP THERE! When you do your ONE pull-up, bring the chair back in, and crank out some more! This will ween you from the chair.

How Long Does This Take!!???!
That depends on you. How hard do you want to train? How badly do you want to stay alive when you are tricked into jumping off of a high-dive into an empty swimming pool!??!

Get good at Pull-ups... the fate of you... and possibly the World depends on it!

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