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On a budget, Food Should Never Be Cut | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

In the past several years, we’ve been under the impression that we’re in a recession. However, many people still have cars, jobs, smartphones, game systems, computers, and enough to eat for twice as many people living in the house.

Yet, we cut corners and save where we can. We give up on things that we feel aren’t crucial. So what is the hierarchy of needs that we can cut from? Once you look at such a thing, you’d hope you’d cut from the bottom up. For example, the basics: shelter, clothing, food, water, you shouldn’t have to cut other than what’s excess. If you’re used to buying a new pair of Nike running shoes every week, that’s an expense you can probably do without given that their shoes last much longer than a week. In the Pyramid below, running shoes doesn’t fall into the Clothing category, but in the “Everything Else” category.

I want you to consider how high “Food” is on this category. It’s the very thing that sets foundation for Health. So why, when people are cutting corners, do they cut their food budget?

Well, in some places it makes sense to do so: junk foods, treats, candies, are things that we may enjoy, but bring us absolutely zero nutritional value thereby laying no foundation whatsoever for our health. But what about the rest of the food? The food that keeps us alive and keeps us going? You cannot cut corners there. I’ve heard people say that “it’s expensive to eat healthy” while at the same time buying their food from restaurants, while convenient, also fills you with butters, sugars, and salts in quantities your body doesn’t need

You can see here that according to the USDA, food budgets are flattening, which should not be happening when Food is probably the 2nd most important thing you need!

Do you need help eating healthily on a budget? Always refer to my friend Miriam Qumsieh’s blog entry on the subject, and let’s eat right, in any economy!

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