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Operation: Conquer Crest. Colors. and Creed | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

Vincam Inimicus Intus, Tactical Fitness, Black Tigers, OH MY!

What are these things? What do they mean? And how do any of them have anything to do with health and fitness?

Operation: Conquer
This is a mission: an ongoing mission to conquer the enemy within each of us and to make others aware of the vile enemy within them which causes us to do things that are rather self-destructive for the convenience of quick gratification. We are out to conquer obesity, laziness, and foul nutrition in all of its forms to create a better in each of us.


The color gold represents richness in self-worth and value. You are more precious than gold. The color is also chosen for its metal properties that never tarnish or fade. This represents truth. Truth never changes. It is oftentimes challenged, but it always remains the same

Black is often associated with the color of shadow and mystery. Here, however, it is the color of strength and power.


The Mythical Tigers
No actual tiger species are represented in the crest, but rather variations which don’t exist in nature.

The Gold Tiger sits at the top of the crest representing the serving leadership of Operation: Conquer. These Gold Tigers are expected to help and guide those needing assistance.

The Black Tigers on the side of the crest represent the members of Operation: Conquer who have made the commitment to better their lives through training and missions and to uphold the standards of Operation: Conquer.

The wreath of leaves behind the tigers on the side of the crest represent continuous growth: physically and mentally.

The Shield

The Operation: Conquer shield stands for integrity of mind, body, and spirit. It guards against elements from the outside that may hinder our growth and progress.

The Running Woman and Man emblazoned on the shield show our commitment to constantly moving forward through learning, training, and helping others.

The Cross Dumbbells represent training oneself to continuously improve through dedication and hard work


Vincam Inimicus Intus” is the motto of Operation: Conquer and means, “I will conquer the enemy within.” This surrounds the shield as a reminder to allow it to protect ourselves from those things that we think we like, but which will only hold us back.


“Black Tiger Tactical Fitness” appear in ribbons above and below the crest. Our fitness endeavors and missions are meant to improve everyday life and to help us with any battles, physical or psychological that we face


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