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P90X Live Round 18 | P90X Live!

By Ev Eric

I’m not only a P90X Live instructor, I’m also a student! It's a tough class, and I know exactly what it takes to get through it, so that I can help the class push through those tough moments! Today, for my own personal workout, I took on P90X Live Round 18. The relay at the beginning isn’t as much fun without a buddy, but it’s still a major burn! The shot of my heart rate monitor at 166bpm was during Lower Strength which includes quite an intense plyometric section.

Overall, I got over a 700 calorie burn, and my legs are all jelly.

It’s hard to decide which round I like bringing to the class more. Each targets muscle groups differently and is excellent for functional training: getting your body ready to face the real world and any challenges it may bring.

See you in class!

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