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Accept Yourself? Or Become More? | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

There's a constant idea in society that you and others need to accept yourself for who you are. I understand the need and desire to be happy with yourself, but let me encourage you to find contentment in the you who is constantly improving. Do you think that there can’t possibly be a better version of you inside? It’s not about changing based on society’s ideals of beauty, intelligence, or popularity, but committing to yourself and to those to whom you have a responsibility to engage in becoming more.

"If you accept yourself for who you are, you will never know who you may become." - Coach Ev.

As far as health and fitness is concerned, I used to be a very skinny guy and was never very strong. I wanted to be, but I never knew how. I was in Tae Kwon Do classes which certainly helped, and even after earning my black belt, I was still pretty weak. I could have just decided that being a skinny guy is who I am and who cares what others think, but that path of complacency in fitness and nutrition lead to high risk of heart disease and not being very much help to those around me.

It took a long time to pack on some muscle… ANY muscle, but I did it, and I’m still doing it.

When nearly 70% of the US public is overweight, including obese, it’s very easy to find comfort in numbers and people who will tell you that you are great, and I’m great, and we’re all great. This kind of thinking reminds me of the kids in school who didn’t do their homework and spent the morning trying to find someone else who didn’t do it either just so they’d feel better about themselves. They still both got an F, but hey, at least they weren’t alone, right?

I’ll never post or re-share fitness jokes about underachievement. You’ve probably see them, “fitness whole pizza in my mouth” or “the guy at McD’s name is ‘Jim” so close enough.” I’m here to encourage you to do the hard work, not make you feel better about being where you are when you could be so much more.

What are you really capable of? Let's find out!

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