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Persistence | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

There are a lot of sayings about the benefits of persistence, so I won't repeat them here :) But my client, Martha N., has been a good example of using that persistence to not only get in shape, but stay in shape. Every time I spoke with Martha, she was full of determination. Every now and then, she would ask me a question that i could answer for her which was great, because otherwise I was sitting here thinking, "does she even need a coach!??!" Laughing

Martha has had to deal with one common problem among many people who make the decision to get in shape: unsupportive family and friends. You hear about this a lot: people will make fun of us for our healthy eating. They'll make fun of us for keeping to our strenuous workouts. They'll make fun of us, even in very mean ways, because we make them feel bad about themselves. We don't mean to do that, in fact, people like Martha and myself are here to help and encourage (Martha would make a GREAT coach, but don't tell her I told you that, ok?) Wink

Martha has acheived these results with the help of BeachBody programs Hip Hop Abs, TurboFire, and TurboJam

When she sent me the picture recently, she added:

"Here is an updated pic of my progress please do share if anyone needs inspiration this is a 6 yr journey. Goes to show if you are committed anything is possible even for a long period of time." - Martha N.

I do hope that if you feel like you have a long road ahead that you take Martha's advice and just stick to it.

Here's Martha giving 3 tips on how she keeps snacking at bay... told ya she'd make a good coach!

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