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Determination for P90X | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

Leanna N. is one of my longest clients. She started from the begining of her P90X journey telling me that I would have to be mean to her and yell at her to get in there and do her workout! I can be motivating, but I can't be MEAN! LOL!

I soon found out why she wanted for me to yell at her: she has a hard time staying motivated and sticking with the program. She also had a tendency to become ill, but I was determined that her frequent illnesses were NOT because of P90X!

She was always upset that she would give up, or even feel like a failure. I just kept telling her to not worry about it. Forget about what happened and just pick up and go again. Reminds me of my post a while back about my black belt test.

Still, as much as I had to remind her to just "Do your best and forget the rest" (-Tony Horton), SHE is the one who has done the work. She is getting in shape for a noble cause: to serve our country. She wants to join the US Army and is working to meet their entrance requirements.

"Thanks coach for always pushing me the right way when i needed it most!! Because of you I lost enough weight to make it!! Woo im finally at Meps [Military Entrance Processing Station]!!"
- Leanna (posted on Facebook)

Now that she's closer than ever to her goals, she wants to tell others that they CAN do it!

"Either you can sit on your butt and watch two half hour tv shows in a row.. or you can be healthy, and get in shape all it takes is an hour a day; two tv shows."
- Leanna

Leanna! I am very proud of what you have done and what you are doing with your future. Thank you for your determination to serve our Country!
- Coach Ev 

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