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Hostess Bakery Closing | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

For those of us who are in the elite offensive lines in the fight against obesity and the fight for fitness and health, the sight of a Twinkie can actually churn our stomachs. We tell people not to eat those things. There's no nutritional value in them at all. After many months or years of eating healthily, you actually build up quite the aversion to the sight at the left.

Today, there has been news that the Hostess Bakery, makers of the Twinkie, will be abruptly closing its plants. Now, I don't know if this means the end of the Twinkie, because they are selling off their assets, which I assume includes their products and the plants at which they are manufactured (manufactured "food"... ugh), but I do know that this means the end of over 18,000 jobs for people who paid their bills by marketing, creating, and delivering these to various stores.

Is this a "win" for health and fitness? In a way, yes it is, because consumer taste has been one of the many factors that led to this closing, the final straw of which was a nationwide strike of Hostess employees. However, just as in any war, I can't take joy in the casualties and I do hope and pray that these 18,000+ employees who now find themselves without a job a week before Thanksgiving, can pick up the pieces and somehow find ways to get through this.

Again, it may not actually be the death of the Twinkie, but it certainly is quite a blow. It might be picked up by another company and they may even re-hire the ex-employees of Hostess. The only real win here is the fact that a changing consumer interest in healthier foods and fewer high-calorie, fattening snacks has led to the decline of this quite horrible "food" item.

This bit of news reminds me of a thought I had the other day. I wonder if our view of unhealthy snacks and drinks will go the way of the public view of tobacco. Will more and more people see things like Twinkies, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, &c, with an aversion for the killer products that they actually are? Remember, obesity caused by the overconsumption of these addictive foods accounts for 1/3 of cancer cases and is the number 2 cause of preventable death in America.

Again, I am sorry for the loss of jobs... that aspect is truly tragic especially at this time of year. But this is also a clear indication that people are becoming more health conscious.

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