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Operation: Conquer! Your Oklahoma City P90X® Destination!

P90X Live classes at the Norman 10Gym 7pm Monday & Wednesday and alt. Saturdays at 10am!

P90X Live! | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

Hands up. Who DOESN'T want to be stronger, faster, and have more endurance? I can't help but notice that exactly zero people put their hands up!

I'm working towards getting a class going again, but with a NEW flexible, musical-choreographed P90X format called P90X Live! This is meant to add even more fun to the program in a group setting and keep the high intensity cardio, strength training, core work that P90X is known for.

Functional. total body fitness has evolved! Who's with me? This is a class environment, 2 to 3 days a week, full nutrition support and coaching. Taking names and let's get ready to #BreakTheGym !

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