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No MEAT! | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

Just some randomness for you today

It's very difficult to eat without meat, dairy, yeast, wheat... every where you turn to grab something, it's like NOPE YOU CAN'T HAVE ME!!! I'M NOT APPROVED!!!!

If you don't know what I'm going on about, you can check my last blog post to get up to speed. Physically, I feel pretty good. Light and airy, like there's nothing inside holding me down. It's a difficult sensation to describe.

Today was P90X2 rest day, but I should have gone on, since tomorrow, I have a drive to and from Kansas City in one go. I'll have to pick things up on Friday and go through Saturday to catch up.

Just a note about the Moore Fit Club... now that I have my certification in P90X, I'm seeking venues by which I can teach P90X classes, semi-private and private instruction. Looks like I have a location lined up for January, and I'm working on a few more, just trying to find the right fit for me and for the program.

I'll keep ya posted!

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