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Strange Woman | Jenn's Journey

By jliz74

I know, I know.... I am late with this but at least its here.  Life can get crazy sometimes however I have managed to continue to do every workout and maintain my nutrition so that is enough to keep me happy, now if I could just start sleeping again.  I don't know if its the upcoming move or work, probably a combination of factors however this 3 hour stuff has got to stop.  Nothing worse than laying in bed trying to count sheep when they have all disappeared or ran off to Pluto.  Not to mention when you are bored you want to snack.... this lack of sleep is by far the biggest test of will power through out this entire program.


Week 8 was rest week and that was a good thing since work has been more time consuming than usual.  Doing doubles doesn't seem like a lot of extra time but when you pick up added shifts it messes your entire schedule up.  By the end of the week Yoga had me jumping for joy.... everything seemed to just come together and it was the best session thus far.


Week 9.  I was there.... I know I did it.... however I think I am at that stage where everything starts running together.  I used to look forward to being done and having a crazy cheat week.  Now, not so much.  Honestly I don't even want to have a bunch of crappy food... I can only imagine how it will make me feel after eating so clean for the last 3 months.  Now I am just excited to get a few new pair of jeans that will fit this winter.


Week 10.  Still up in the air about what to do next but almost certain its going to be Insanity paired with Brazillion Butt Lift.  Give me 20 minutes though and I will change my mind!  Speaking of changes....  I decided it was time for another change.... I left the blonde and went with Auburn.  Fall has officially arrived (pics show the tan is dissappearing) and I decided a Power Color was needed for these Power Work Outs.  So now I am thinking my boyfriend is a really lucky guy.... new body, new hair color and poof new woman!


Results, people are definitely taking notice.... I am officially up to 5 people, 2 have purchased P90X, 2 have joined a gym and 1 has started going back to the gym.  Being fit is highly contageous so if you want to remain lazy guess you better not risk being aroung this new woman.


So here are the dreaded pics again and hopefully things keep improving over these last few weeks.  I do know one thing, I feel better, I am happier and I wish everyone else would get on board to be their healthiest as well.


Start and 60 Days

WAIST  28 - 26

HIPS  38 - 35

ARMS  11.5 - 11

THIGHS 19 - 19.8

WEIGHT 134 - 121

BODY FAT 22% - 13.8%

See, its working!


Today I am thankful that Coach Ev is Certified, I know it was a big step and Congratulations!



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