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Week 7 Suprise | Jenn's Journey

By jliz74

One of the best feelings ever is accomplishing a set goal.  This was the week it happened.  Not only did I accomplish one but accomplished all of the goals I had set when I originally started P90x.  All of my numbers are there and I can do 5 unassissted pull ups.  This being said it was time for re-evaluation.  I was confused at first and wondered if new goals needed to be set or just keep pushing and see what happens.  After yet another conversation with the best coach ever, CoachEv, (if you are still deciding on a coach this guy is full of information and a great resource),  we set new ones.  Challenge areas are building up abdominal muscles and leg muscles.  We decided to increase weights on leg days and try to keep my legs raised during pull ups.  Of course I am going to keep pushing as hard as possible and follow the nutrition plan.  I still can't believe the results I am getting and now more than ever want to push the fast forward button to the 90 day mark.  As of now everything is still up in the air as to what to do next... another round of P90x, Insanity, Assylum, P90X 2, Brazillian Butt Lift, a hybird of 2 programs... there are just so many choices.  There is one thing I am certain of, I will keep going and I will continue to challenge myself.  The whole point of this is to be in the best shape ever and with that comes so many benefits not just physically but mentally too.

On a side note.  I was pretty irritated when writing the last blog entry.  I face so many people that try to discourage me from doing this program.  As determined as I am it is very upsetting.  After a week of defending my position way too many times there was a glimmer of hope.  First off, I am a bartender so you can only imagine how many people I come in contact with on a nightly basis. Last week on rest/stretch day a regular bar guest had a suprise.  This guest of course has asked a million questions over the last 7 weeks however she made all of the defenses worth it.  Instead of coming in as usual she walked across the parking lot to the fitness center.  An hour later she comes in with a smile that radiated from the inside out.  She has joined the gym and let me know she had decided to become more active!  Then instead of consuming her usual bottle of wine paired with a pizza or pasta she only had 2 glasses of wine and hummus with pita chips.  See, it can happen when you least expect it!  Setting a good example can influence people.  Since then she has been in and always explains what she is doing and what she is eating.  Although I don't agree with everything she is doing I am excited for her and beyond proud! Personally, any progress in the right direction is fantastic progress.

Today I am thankful that it is almost snow season in Fairbanks, Alaska!


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