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The Half Way Point | Jenn's Journey

By jliz74

Here I sit at the half way point and there are a few key things I realized while I did Cardio X followed by Legs, Back and Ab RipperX. First off, 47 days ago I knew it was a possibility but was apprehensive to say the least. Not to sure many people wouldn't be.  We all see the commercials making radical promises and rarely do they meet your expectations.  This is not true however when it comes to P90X.  The biggest part of P90x I think that people miss is that they have to follow the program. They cheat on the nutrition plan, they skip workouts and they justify it with things like I don't have time, I work too much or whatever they come up with.  Honestly with P90X you will get the promised results if you follow the nutrition plan and do the work.  Yes, it is work, it is difficult to schedule the time in, you may miss a few things but it is worth it and you will be enjoying so much more in the long run when you are fit and healthy.  Lots of people look at me and think it is easy.  Its not easy, its something that I challenged myself with, it is a goal that I set and most importantly it is a promise I made to myself that I will be the best I can be.  If you can break a promise to yourself then how can you make a promise and keep it with anyone else? 

Here is another realization.  As you do the program you will find that your body is adapting to the new physical challenges and you will be able to do these exercises much more effectively.  As I have continued through I have found that the moment I find something has gotten easier I have made myself try harder. With this being said, it hasn't gotten easier, it has actually gotten harder, a lot harder.  It may be intensifying a move during cardio, adding a couple pounds, extra repetitions, or graduating to a more advanced move.  If you have pushed play and are standing in front of the tv for anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half wouldn't you want to make the most of the time?

Another point, I realized as I was doing unassisted pull ups (finally) that all the people that are negative and making excuses are not going to interfere with my thought process.  If you have decided to do a round a P90X just remember there will be a ton of temptations, reasons to not exercise or not eat right, there will be hurdles you will have to cross.  There will be people judging your new eating habit, maybe even arguing that they are not healthy habits. However in the end you will be able to be proud of yourself for what you have accomplished, you will be able to see the results and yes they will too.  Maybe you will be able help them make a couple decisions that are better for them.  Maybe they will decide to go out and walk on a beautiful day instead of sitting in front of the television.  They may not be ready to take on a program like P90x but at least in some small way you were able to contribute to them being a little more aware of the choices they make and just possibly one day they may decide to be a little more active or eat a little healthier even if you don't know it.  Personally I think that is a huge reward on its own.

So, now off to the shower and time to go to work.

Everyone have a great Sunday and hope the new week is a great one.


PS.  Today I am thankful for strong will and determination!

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