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By jliz74



Week 6, hmmmm.   Well... lets see.  By the end of the week everything in my body was screaming at me, thank you Coach Ev for letting me know that it just means that I am doing this correctly.  Honestly, I pushed so hard I was more sore than the first week.  Is that even possible? Guess so!  Also sleep became an issue.  Typically I don't get off work and into bed until around 4 AM.  This is really tough on a morning person because come 7 AM I want to get up.  3 hours of sleep is just not enough for anyone with a sedentary lifestyle much less someone doing P90X and doubles at that for their first time ever.  After 4 days in a row of this lets just say things were getting a little shaky.  When it came to leg day I could feel everything crashing.  Knowing how exhausted I was from sleep deprevation I chose to do the leg routine first so that I could focus on form and then cardio a couple hours later.   I had such little energy but did power through it however repeated it the next day since I felt that I didn't get what I needed from it.  I believe if I am not dripping at the end of a workout I didn't do it right!   Now, even though I want to get up I am forcing myself to stay in bed until at least 10.  Hopefully it will work.  Also there was a new discovery, there are actually little muscles in your forarms.  I don't know what they are called, will look it up later, but they are there and I can see them.  I am not talking about the ones under your forearms, its little ones on top of your forearms. Who knew?   


What else, I think I am going to try Assylum next.  I will have to discuss it with Coach Ev a little more but from what I hear its a huge challenge and maybe I will be ready for it after this.  Not too sure yet.  I have also been looking at P90x2.  There are just so many options and I seriously have difficulty choosing anything! 


Last but not least, the thankful note.  Today I am thankful that I am just a few days from the half way point.  Still wishing there was a fast forward button but as of now the discovery of all the little changes keeps me happy and motivated.  Sometimes its just being able to do a few more reps than the set goal, other times its finding a new muscle I didn't know existed usually its just the satisfaction of getting through another work out successfully! 


Time to push play and hope everyone has a super productive week! 






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