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HOT TUB | Mission Blog

By jliz74

First off, I have to say CONGRATULATIONS TO COACH EV!  I am so proud of you.  I will let you fill everyone in on your Blog.

 DISC 9, CHEST SHOULDERS AND TRICEPS, NO JOKE!  By far the most difficult!!!  One handed push ups and sliding things, are you kidding me?  The aftermath was even more brutal than the work out!  HOLY HOLY HOLY!

Doubles has officially begun, not too bad.  Very glad I am sticking with the nutrition plan or there would be no way I would have enough energy to make it through the extra 3 cardio sessions.  As for the workouts in general, they are not getting easier but I am pushing harder.  I have upped my weights for everything and that has definitely added an extra challenge.  I want to keep improving so I figured why not.  I didn't up the weights by much though... not more than 5 pounds for any given exercise. 

As each day passes I am beginning to notice more and more differences.  Not just in measurements or the scale.  Overall improvements in my strength and agility, things at work are becoming easier and my mind feels so much clearer than when I began.  I am now even to the point that I get excited every morning before my work out and although relieved kind of sad when its over because I am having such fun. 

The biggest news of the week came when I finished AB RIPPER X all the way through with proper form and never once pushed pause.  I was beyond elated when I was able to keep up with the roll up v ups.  The next step is to be able to do the cross leg sit ups instead of the open leg ones.  I will get there eventually.  Here is the other big news....I CAN DO PULL UPS WITHOUT A CHAIR.  Sure I don't last long and have to go back to the chair but I can get at least 3-5 in, that is a huge step from just barely being able to do one.

Time to go cook my weekly supply of grilled chicken but I will continue to keep posting on a weekly basis.

I wonder if I am really good if Santa would bring me a much needed HOT TUB!  The more I get into this the more I can justify needing one.

Last but not least today I am thankful that I have put all of my efforts into this program and have not slacked off one bit!

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