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Can you do FIVE more? | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

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  1. Can you do five more?
  2. Welcome Jenn!

Can you do FIVE more?

I want to share a little trick that helps me get through those tough workouts, especiall when you're facing down 2 or 3 dozen reps of puships or jumps or ab workouts. Instead of focusing on the 25 reps that I have to do, I'll break that down into groups of 5 and count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in my head. For some reason, this relaxes the rest of my body so that I'm better targeting the working muscle groups. I think it may have to do with reducing the added stress brought on by seeing how many I have to do.

Depending on the exercise and the reps, you can change that number to anything managable. For instance, when doing Insanity Level 3 Drills, I break the 16 pushups into 4 groups of 4. I can do four pushups, no problem! It's only 4! When doing over the river hops in P90X Plyometrics X, once I get tired, I'll start telling myself, "just one more... ok, I can do ONE more..." until the time is up. Come on! You can always do ONE MORE, right?

This goes back to my Mountain and the Treadmill philosophy of breaking down goals into small bite sized pieces and taking them on one at a time.

Give it a shot, and let me know if this helps you edge out a few more reps in your routines!

Welcome Jenn!

I want to welcome a new White Tiger, Jenn, to the blogging space here. She is a firecracker ready to take on P90X and beyond. Get to know about her journey and follow along with her success!

Great to have you on board, Jenn!

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