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P90X? OH MY GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE! | Jenn's Journey

By jliz74


Changing things up is an understatement!  It was tough, I was sore, I didn't want to sit down at all (not even to pee, I learned a new meaning to phrase my parents gave me as a child on road trips, "hold it!"), my arms felt like at any moment they were going to absolutely die.... the word absolutely brings me to my abs.... Ab Ripper X kicked my butt.  All of that being said I did push play everyday, I did complete each and every routine, and made sure to do the bonus rounds.  There was NO pushing pause for this newbie, it was straight on HELL.  Heck when someone tells me to "Bring It" they better "BE READY" cause they haven't seen my "IT" yet.

Also in Week One, I got a coach.  EvCoach... thus far has not only met but also exceeded my expectations.  Thanks to all of my coaches help I have been able to fill in some blanks about the program and figure out a ton of the nutrition details.  EvCoach, (if you are reading this) Seriously, Thank You for all of your help.  Oh yeah and I am glad you got some rain!  If you are reading this blog and need a coach EvCoach is thus far awesome.


I was kind of sad to say it was over however it meant my body is ready for more.  In the beginning of the week I was still pretty sore but at the end everything seemed to have balanced out.  Week 2 was definitely easier to follow the routines because I knew what to expect which only lead to MAJOR PERSPERATION, WE ARE TALKING A FULL ON SWEAT FESTIVAL.  I actually found that I pushed harder since I knew what I was in for.  Again EvCoach was beyond helpful and we were able to make adjustments to my nutrition plan so that I could continue doing my evening runs on top of the P90X.  Don't get me wrong, P90x is hard on its own but my OCD is over the top and if I don't run it feels like the world is falling apart because I broke my routine.  Really not sure what I am going to do during the next phase since I am doing doubles but I will face that when I get there.


WOW, eating clean, pushing as hard as possible, bringing it everyday and started a new job!  I am definitely seeing results.  I first started noticing the results in my legs, running has kept them in pretty good shape but I am actually building much needed muscle.  Even better, I look forward to shaving because I can actually feel all of the differences!  Also its time to say farewell to wiggly arms, there are no wiggly arms for this chick!  My abs are starting to come out to say hello too.  I was talking with my friend and was excited to report about the abs, I called them cute.... quickly I was corrected with a very loud statement. "ABS are NOT CUTE, ABS are AWESOME, YOU are AWESOME and YOU MOTIVATE ME!" All of this being said, the big picture is thank you P90x, thank you EvCoach, thank you for the Nutrition Plan, thank you for Ab Ripper X and even though the pull up bar kicks my butt, thank you to whoever designed it (don't get me wrong, I curse whoever designed that thing while I am using it, the things I say are shameful)!

Just a bit of advice.... DONT FORGET THE RECOVERY DRINK AND TO DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!  Its my understanding without those key components the soreness is taken to a new level.  Lets face it, you should be sore enough....why make it worse than what it needs to be?  If your not sore then get your butt in gear and push harder! 

So into WEEK 4, standing tall with my head held high.  I hope and pray it does not kill me.

To all, have a great week and remember... follow your nutrtion plan, every time you push play do your best, focus on form, and dont slack off.... you are one step closer to your goal.


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