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The Hard Way | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

It's a natural tendency to find the path of least resistance: to look at a situation and figure out the easiest way to get from point A to point B. This philosophy can work in situations like driving directions, but it doesn't always apply to fitness and health. The sad result is that people are trying weight loss programs with promises of it being easy, then not noticing the advertised changes, and becoming discouraged from completing their journey. Some people will even try the next easy thing so see if THAT will work... when it doesn't, they look for the newer easy thing.

People are wasting so much time and effort trying to do things the easy way, when if they had just done it the hard way to begin with, they'd be much further along now. Gimmick diets, machines, and exercise programs which claim that you can look like a fitness model by doing next to nothing are straight out lying to you. Getting in shape is hard work. Losing fat is hard work. Building muscle is hard work.

A lot of people don't try a program like Insanity or P90X because it is advertised to be so difficult. I can understand why someone would look at that with some amount of fear, but keep in mind: the commercials aren't lying to you. It is hard, and you will have to WORK to achieve the results you want, but you can do it

Sometimes “The Hard Way” is the easy way to get things done. Just bear down and do the hard work, and you will get your results much more quickly than if you keep trying the next easy thing.

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