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Shoulders and Arms | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

Day 3 of P90X/X2/+/Insanity Hybrid! Today was X2 Shoulders and Arms. Finished it about 3 hours ago, and my arms no longer have that "Twice the size they really are" sore feeling. Anyone else get that? You do some powerful lifting, and your arms/legs/whatever feel as though they've just doubled in size! You feel AMAZING! It's accompanied by a soreness, but it's ok, because my ARMS ARE HUGE (for a few minutes)!!!! I need to look into this, but if anyone happens to know about why that feels that way, drop me a tweet or something.

Coming off of Insanity the last couple of months has put me in a good way physically. I'm ready to tackle this hybrid workout and really push with heavier weights and refined nutrition... OH YES NUTRITION!

I'm back on the Creatine and I found a Whey that agrees with my insides a little better. I added ½ inch to my biceps during P90X2, so we'll see how this goes. Still doing the Shakeology every day as well. The fridge and freezer have lean meats and veggies and Norma (my wife and fellow fitness freeeek) knows how to use them!

So, here's to the next 90 days! Let's ROCK IT!!!!

Vincam Inimicus Intus! Conquer the Enemy Within!

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