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You are not alone! | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

Many posts in here talk about how you have to overcome the Enemy Within. I want to assure you, that you don't have to do this all by yourself! You are NOT alone! You join this team, and we're in it together. Your triumph is the team's triumph; your failure is cause for the team to regroup.

We cannot be an Elite Fitness Force if everyone is stuck fighting their own battles. We have to pull together and support each other! Having an issue with something? Don't bottle it up, let it be known, receive advice and knowledge, and put it into action! I don't give advice and insight to make you think I know a bunch of stuff; I do it to help you... give you the weapons to overcome personal obstactles.

So help a fellow athlete! Give encouragement, support, and know that we're all working out together!

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