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Armour 39 Pushing Me Further | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

What pushes you? When you feel like you can't go on, what makes you go on? There are many psychological tricks that people find, but I'm going to discuss a technological one. I've been using the Armour 39 from Under Armour for a few months now, and I was getting very inconsistent results. It turns out that you need to make sure the chest strap on this thing is pretty tight. It's almost uncomfortable, but it's got to keep constant contact.

This device transmits live data about your workout via Bluetooth to an iPad or iPhone device. I like using it on (my daughter's) iPad because I can see the readout throughout my workout. While I'm working out, the largest number is the heart rate, and right beneath it is a percentage showing your "Intensity". Your goal is to keep that Intensity at 100% as much as you can without overshooting your max heart rate. In any workout, you're going to take breaks to let the heart rate fall, then you get right back to it.

So how does this push me? I want to see that 100% intensity readout! If I don't see it, I go for it! There's also another bar beneath it where the folks at Under Armour say they can measure your Willpower: how much are you giving? To me, this just seems like a bar that get's higher reading based on your heart rate: the faster your heart rate, the faster the bar climbs. Then the final readout is calorie burn, which is always a rewarding thing to know when you've given your all during a workout.

Currently, I am switching between Phase I Insanity (30-35 mins) and the cardio-based P90X3 (30 mins) workouts. I plan to start giving a go at the Phase II Insanity workouts soon to see if that Willpower bar gets maxed. You want to shoot for 10, and I haven't hit 9 yet.

Other heart rate monitors may only give you your heart rate, but with the Armour 39, there's a bit of coaching psychology going on here where it tells you if you're doing your best or not. I think that using this has really improved 

Another new product that seems to take this idea even further is called MOOV, which seems to have a great deal of flexibility for coaching you through many various workouts, from weight training, to yoga, cardio, running, and more. That will certainly be a product to watch (hehe, get it?... gotta see it).


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