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P90X3 Released today | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

Those of you who follow my blog will know that I don't use it to sell stuff, yet, I've been pretty much doing that about P90X3 recently. The reason is I am EXCITED about this new program! When I bought Insanity, it came with a DVD called Fast and Furious, which is an Insanity workout in just 20 minutes. I always liked doing that workout when I was pinched for time. There is a whole program called Focus T25, which is Insanity-style workouts in just 25 minutes a day, but until very recently, I've never had a real need for compact-effective workouts like those provided by T25 or P90X3.

Beachbody says that P90X3 will be released by the end of the day today. The link for puchasing is below. Until the program is available, this will just take you to the main shopping page on Team Beachbody.

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