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Refining The Sword | Mission Blog

By Ev Eric

Your body is a fine sword, at least that's the result... maybe right now it's a mush of ore and powder that couldn't cut bread.  It can get there, it MUST get there, but you are going to have to WORK.  It's going to be severe, it's going to hurt, it's going to burn

Let me tell you about the traditional methods of Japanese Sword Making.

  1. You put Iron ore into a kiln for 72 hours.
    It starts out as a powder
  2. The melted ore comes out as a bunch of rocks, mis-shapen and rough
  3.  These rocks are then melted AGAIN and the shaping begins into a long thing piece of metal
  4. This piece is then heated until soft, POUNDED OUT with hammers until long, then SPLIT in two and folded over, then heated, pounded, split, folded... hundreds of times! This is to remove impurities from the metal
  5. Then, the high-carbon HARD piece is then formed into a U-Shape, and a 2nd low carbon softer piece is inserted into the U, and the two pieces are hammered and MERGED together (think stabilizer muscles... Yoga)
  6. The sword is then pounded and shaped into a blade form, but the work is FAR from over
  8. The sharp end of the blade is covered in clay to protect it from the final firing.
  9. The sword is then heated to just below 1,500 deg F.
  10. Then, the blade is submerged into water to cool... this makes the blade bend into it's iconic Samurai Sword cureved shape
  11. Then the sword is polished, slowly, meticulously, bit by bit the water stones are applied to the blade to make it shine beautifully and have a razor sharp edge
Imaging being a sword blade... set on fire, pounded out, folded, molded and polished! It's NOT easy to get the body you want.  It takes HARD SLOW METICULOUS work! But the end result is a beautiful work of art!

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