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Mind over matter... | Psy Ops

By MiriamBQ

Your mind is what makes everything else work.
-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

When I saw this quote this morning I thought to myself, you know, this is so true. Your body is capable of many things, challenges, and transformations but most of the time it is your mind you have to convince. We all have the choice to change/stay healthy or not and it is a choice we must make every day. Change and or discipline isn't easy and sure, it's very easy and comfortable not to do anything at all and continue on an unhealthy course. But ask yourself if how you feel, how you look, the current or future health issue(s) you may be dealing with make you happy? This morning, I woke up and chose to be happy, think positive, and stay the course to be fit and healthy not just for myself but also for my loved ones. Bring it!

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