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My journey to a healthier me... | Miriam's Mission

By MiriamBQ

What brought me to make a change for a healthier lifestyle? Well, it goes something like this, but first a NOTE: I'm not here to promote products or supplements, I'm just here to share what has worked for me and hopefully together help you find your own way to a healthier you!

Blessings. I am a mother, jogger, and overall a hard worker. I've always liked working-out but was never 100% committed to making it a lifestyle. I joined several gyms over the last 18 years in efforts to try and stay in decent shape. When I worked-out, I was serious about it but it never lasted more than several months. Something always came up and I would always put working-out at the bottom of the list of things to do. I've always maintained a decent weight but I would not say I was in the best of shape. I had no definition, and endurance and strength needed lots of improvement.

In 2009 my husband was diagnosed with cancer. After 5 months of outpatient treatment followed by 5 months of inpatient treatment, including a stem cell transplant, we lost the battle. As a result, I was left to be a single parent, working full-time, sleep deprived/an insomniac (since I was only getting 2 hrs of sleep while living out of a hospital room), I had put on weight from being completely inactive, and after a visit to my doctor's office to asses my overall health, I also found that I had high blood pressure and anxiety (something that was never a problem for me before). All of this was a result of HIGH STRESS over a long period of time, SLEEP DEPRIVATION/INSOMNIA, and INACTIVITY.

The doctor wanted to put me on medication for the high blood pressure but I rejected the suggestion and decided I would fix the problem myself. I decided then that it was time to commit myself to a lifestyle change that would include working-out, sleeping more, and eating right (something I had been doing all along).

Not really knowing where to start I decided that I wanted to do something from home because I also wanted to spend as much time as I could with my son. I decided to start by jogging every day. I was eventually jogging 2 miles daily after work around the neighborhood. I dropped some of the weight I had gained and was feeling better and sleeping a little more. That seemed to get my blood pressure back into a normal range but my body was still not in “shape”. I jogged for about 7 months until I had a series of injuries (not related to jogging) over the next 2 months. I recovered and decided that I needed to do something more than just jogging but I did not want to go to a gym I still wanted to do things from home. I had always been curious about the P90X infomercial because I remember watching it so much during those late late nights of no sleep and I always thought it would not work. One day I decided to look into the BeachBody website and I started to ask people I knew who also worked-out a lot about some of the programs. It turned out that an acquaintance and a relative of mine were both using P90X and were getting results. I decided then I would invest in the program and give it a try and I am THANKFUL I did!

On Friday April 8th, 2011 I began my P90X journey.

God has a way of always providing what we need.


P90X = Complete (April 2011 - July 2011)

Insanity = Done (Aug 2011 - Oct 2011)

P90X/Insanity Hybrid = Yeah (Oct 2011 - Jan 2012)

P90X2 (the sequal) = That's a wrap (Jan 2012 - Mar 2012)

Mighty Mud Dash 2012 = MISSION ACCOMPLISHED (Mar 2012)

Insanity (Round 2) = Done (April 2012 - June 2012)

P90X (Round 2) = Whoa! (June 11, 2012 - Sept 2012

Currently not on a program, but doing some random Inanity and P90X work outs as I prepare for my second 5k run at the end of Oct 2012.

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